Information on cookies

What is a cookie? 

Cookies are small text files saved on your device when you visit a website. Many websites use cookies which can have numerous functions. They gather information, save the visitor’s individual settings,  and make it easier to use the website in general.

In some cases cookies can make it possible to identify the user. In these cases managing cookies involves handling personal data. Therefore the user’s consent is generally needed for cookies to be stored on the user’s device. An exception to the rule is  cookies that can be stored without the user’s consent based on the law.

The lifetime of cookies varies based on their functions. Some cookies, called session cookies, exist only from the moment the browser is opened until the browser is closed. Other cookies are created for a predefined period, which might be updated and extended on the occasion of other visits.

Cookies used on our website 

Our website would like to store the following type of cookies on your device:

Necessary session cookies enabling operation

These cookies are necessary for the browsing experience on our website, making navigation easier. These cookies are limited to your current visit, so upon closing the browser the cookies are automatically deleted from your device. If you do not consent to storing these cookies, we cannot guarantee a smooth browsing experience on our website. 

Cookies facilitating usage

These cookies allow us to store and remember the actions you take on our website, thus serving to your comfort.

Cookies ensuring performance (analytics)

This cookie type enables us to collect information on how the visitors use our website, via using the web-analytic software called Google Analytics. This tool allows us to develop our website and optimize your browsing and user experience.  These cookies collect information such as which page was seen by our visitor, how many pages were visited, how long the viewing time of each session was and potential error messages received. Google Analytics uses cookies too, which allow the analysis of website usage. All information is collected anonymously and cannot be traced back to you. The IP addresses are masked, thus it becomes unsuitable for personal identification. Google can provide gathered information to a third party, such as the government or court, if there is a legal basis for this.

You can read more about cookies used by Google Analytics here.

You can read more about Google Privacy Policies here. 


List of cookies 

Cookies not handling personal data 

Cookie nameCookie typeCookie aimCookie lifetime
session browser session cookie enabling the website’s proper operation until the end of the browsing session
Balance_ID browser session cookie Distribution of server load until the end of the browsing session
_ga Cookie ensuring performance (analytic) Helps to differentiate visitors, does not store personal data 2 years
_gid Cookie ensuring performance (analytic) Helps to differentiate visitors, does not store personal data 24 hours
_gat Cookie ensuring performance (analytic) Does not store user data, only limits the number of requests coming through the website (in order to avoid measuring multiple clicks) 1 minute
cookieconsent_status Cookie facilitating usage Regulating the appearance of the cookie information panel on the bottom of the website in order to enhance user experience 1 year


Disabling, enabling and limiting cookies 

All modern browsers allow for changing the cookie settings.  If you do not want our website to save cookies on your computer, or you want to be notified when they are placed, please make the corresponding setting in your browser. However, by stopping or deleting cookies, we would like to remind you that the aim of some of the cookies is to enable the proper usage and processes of our site, thus it might happen that you won’t be able to fully use the functions of our website, or the website might work different than planned in your browser.

The process of the settings is different for each browser, so we suggest that you read your browser’s relevant help section before you make the setting. You can access the cookie settings for popular browsers by clicking the links below: