Food is magical

Healthy food something we all know a bit about, or do we? Healthy food is something that we all think we now a little bit about, but at the same time we seem to forget most of it when we find our self in the moment of preparing our daily meals.

When we get together to cook and share a plate of food, we are learning by doing. We challenge our preconceived ideas about what healthy food can offer. When preparing food in a group we also establish a place for human connection, a place were social interaction becomes natural. Food thereby has a magical way of bringing us together ignoring the cultural, religious and language differences that might be in the center of the conversations otherwise.


While chopping and preparing a meal a more natural dialog about whom we are and were we come from emerges.

Join us and challenge your preconceived ideas about food and people and enjoy the magic of connecting with humans you other wise would not cross paths with.

We at Sunn Start strongly believe that keeping an open and curious mind when meeting other people helps bridging a gap in communication, especially when focusing on food and bonding over a nice meal. We feel truly blessed to be part of this project and look forward to creating special moments with new friends from around the world.