Sunn Start i Bjørnebekk

The day in Bjørnebekk started with a short theoretical introduction sharing the benefits of eating fish as well as looking at cheep ways of including it in our weekly diet. At this moment Sunn Start also invited everyone to try different type of fishes served on different types of bread. As expected some of the snacks were more popular than others, but the most important thing with food is not to like everything that is served but to at least give it a try once.

“The great thing about food made in a pot is that it almost cooks it self, allowing us lots of time to enjoy each other’s company.”

Interacting around food provides many opportunities to share knowledge. When taking about different ways to prepare and enjoy vegetables we got the pleasure of trying a plate that was completely new for us. We were offered a leafy green dish that was prepared with a vegetable similar to spinach and had a round earthy taste about it. Through this spontaneous food tasting we were the ones being transported to another place. We also learned that this and other veggies from all over the world were sold in a highly recommended vegetable store at Grønland. Moments like this is what makes these meetings special.

After the theory about health and nutrients, we went together to the kitchen and started preparing a big pot of fish soup. The great thing about food made in a pot is that it almost cooks it self, allowing u s lots of time to enjoy each other’s company. Everyone that joined us in the kitchen seamed pleased with the outcome of the day and some even enjoyed several plates of soup.

There is something special about a big boiling pot, the almost unconscious reaction of everyone that comes close is to lift up the lid and take a deep breath, almost tasting the food just by smelling the millions of flavors that hide in the steam.

Another thing that a big pot provokes is that it gathers people around it, almost the same way a campfire does, were the main reason of sitting their is not the food at the end of the stick but the togetherness that we experience. This afternoon at Bjørnebekk we started out with a small group of people, chopping and pouring things in to the steaming pot. As the smell started filling the kitchen people started making an entrance and we ended up with a kitchen full of joyful chatter and laughter. We from Sunn Start felt that this afternoon around a pot of fish soup became a great way of spending our time.